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Living Proof - A Cancer Free Miracle


Living Proof by Irungu Adeyemi
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Stand Up to Cancer - Marvel at the Miracle of Health

Cancer patients want health … more then anything else. They passionately pray or hope for a miracle. Yet some stand up and fight for it, while others lie down and wait. What separates a fighter from a defeatist? More often than not it's a combination of things, each of which is accessible to you and achievable. Yet every one of these components must be faced with courage, trust, and the will to live … for yourself and for others. Irungu Adeyemi was given three-months to live – and that was thirteen years ago! Through his remarkable optimism and awesome support system, Irungu partnered wholeheartedly with God to deliver a miracle of health and longevity. Through his practical and empowering techniques you will learn how:


  • Contributions beyond yourself, through work and other sources, can give you much to take pleasure in and live for
  • Family, friends, and coworkers can spark lights of love and healing in a person who is ready and willing to receive them
  • Nutrition and nutritional supplements can strengthen your immune system and help you endure and survive The right doctor with the right attitude can balance the results in your favor
  • God, prayer, and angels can touch your soul and restore your body
  • Attitude, gratitude, confidence, and trust can overwhelm illness and mend what ails you



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