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Living Proof, A Cancer Free Miracle

Chapter One
The New School Year

When the new school year began, I was full of enthusiasm, which is a wonderful way for a teacher to start the school year.  As a matter of fact, my students were just as eager as I was.  They stood before me wearing brand new uniforms, shoes, and smiles.  Feeling the positive vibrations emanate from a group of children who are energized to start the school year is one of the most satisfying feelings a teacher can experience.  This was their last year before entering junior high, so “Let’s get rolling” was the general consensus between most of the sixth graders and their new teachers.

I prided myself on being a teacher whom students hoped to get, and the one that parents requested.  Teaching was very important to me.  I came out of an era and educational system in which many of the teachers wrote the assignment on the blackboard with chalk and then sat at their desks for the rest of the day.  Because of my educational experience, I felt it was not only my job to prepare my students for the future, but also my duty.  Therefore, I accepted a challenge: to be one the best and most effective teachers my students would ever have in their lifetimes.

I had another reason, a personal reason, to feel enthusiastic.  During a recent medical checkup for a persistent cough, it was determined that I might be experiencing allergy symptoms instead of something more serious.  Up to that point, I hadn’t even considered the big “C”, but I knew that something was wrong.  I had never had a cough such as that before.  In fact, I hardly ever caught colds.

Soon we were several weeks into the school year; I was working hard and maintaining enthusiasm.  I did not want anything to diminish or interrupt the energy of the new school year.

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