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Living Proof, A Cancer Free Miracle


I wrote this book to help two distinct populations: (1) people who are facing their own battles with cancer, and (2) people who are helping their loved ones through a difficult health challenge.  This book is meant to give you hope and inspire you never to give up.  Yes, life has changed for you – you are now a patient or a caretaker – but that doesn’t mean that life is over.  Actually, when you are struggling with illness, some things become clearer than ever.  Life and health begin to look like the gifts they are, gifts that should have been cherished all along.  Often humans take things such as health for granted, but that mindset changes when you are facing cancer head on.
I am living proof that miracles do happen.  Thirteen years ago I faced a three-month death sentence.  I knew I had to decide quickly how I was going to handle the news and what I was going to do with it, so I asked myself, “Do I lay down and give in, or do I stand up and fight?”
I chose to stand up and fight, and I pray that you choose to do the same.  In order to receive God’s blessings, you must partner with God.  You must do the work and take the steps necessary to heal yourself.  God will stand with you if you let Him in, and his angels will appear in different colors, shapes, and forms along the way.  I believe God’s love increases during times of illness as he readily shares your experience with you.  Open you heart to receive God’s blessings.  If you don’t yet know God, seek Him out.  He will bless you for your efforts.

            I pray that my words will inspire you and your loved ones to believe, as I do, that miracles do happenand they come from a merciful God who partners with you and eternally loves you.

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