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No One Heard My Cry


No One Heard My Cry by Marilyn Adeyemi
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Prevent Kids from Slipping Through Cracks - Recognize a Child’s Call for Help

Children want to learn, but they are often prevented from doing so by situations beyond their control.  If homework, tests, and other assignment are lacking or deficient, parents and teachers must look outside the box to determine if there is something happening inside our homes that is (1) emotionally confusing or upsetting, (2) affecting our kids’ capacity to concentrate, or (3) suppressing their confidence in their ability to succeed.

Marilyn Adeyemi is a mother and an educator.  As she details her own struggles to come to terms with a loveless childhood, she educates us about the importance of identifying children who are underachieving and then averting them from failure.  Our children should be enjoying the harmony of a loving home, the security of adoring parents, and the kind of confidence that is built on success.  But unfortunately, many are besieged by personal problems that affect school performance.  Through the eyes of Marilyn’s childhood, teaching career, and years as a wife and mother, you will learn how

  • Home environment can impact school performance
  • Relationships with parents and siblings can affect a child’s ability to succeed
  • A lack of confidence can undermine a student’s achievements
  • Teachers can recognize warning signs in their students
  • Teachers can help students overcome their obstacles



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