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 Having a tremendous will to survive, Irungu Adeyemi refused to give up;  with courageous action steps he partnered with God to defeat the deadly  clutched of lung cancer.  Irungu’s love for his wife, family, and  students supplied him the inspiration he needed to live.  Irungu’s  medical miracle motivated him to write an inspirational book to help  cancer patients and their family members overcome their fears.
 Irungu A. Adeyemi attended Foothill College, Los Altos Hills,  California, and the University of California, San Diego, where he earned  his B.A..  He received his law degree at Western Sierra Law School, San  Diego, California.  He retired from a teaching career at the National  School District and the Regional Occupational Program (Sweetwater Union  H.S. District).  Irungu is a U.S. Navy veteran of the Cuban Missile  Crisis era.
Irungu has inspired his colleagues and others with his  message of hope.  He challenges all of us to live by a wise, profound  navy tradition, “Never let the wind out of your sail when you are faced  with uncertainty and adversity.”
Having been cancer free for over  thirteen years (after receiving a three-month prognosis), Irungu is  looking forward to publishing his children’s books, which are also  filled with inspiration.
Irungu lives in the Temecula Valley of  Southern California with his wife, Marilyn.  He is lovingly involved  with his children and grandchildren who live in Temecula, San Diego, and  Philadelphia. 

Meet Marilyn


After being born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Marilyn  Adeyemi moved to California to further her education.  She received a  bachelor’s degree in Urban and Rural Studies from the University of  California, San Diego, and two teaching credentials – Multiple Subject  and Special Education – from Point Loma Nazarene College.  She was a  substitute teacher in the San Diego and National School Districts for  five years before getting a teaching contract with the National School  District’s Special Education Department.  She has enjoyed the many years  she has been privileged to touch the lives of her students.  Marilyn  taught special education classes for seven years before she transferred  to a mainstream primary class.  For the remainder of her teaching  career, she taught second and third grade.

Marilyn resides in Temecula, California, with her husband, children,  grandchildren, and great-grandchild.  In addition, she has children,  grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in Philadelphia.

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